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Garden Pizza

Veggie pizza for two and under 400 calories. 

Socca Pizza with Roasted Veggies

Socca or "Farinata" is a chickpea based flatbread. It's great for gluten-free pizza. 

Cajun Shrimp and Blue Crab Pizza

Pizza made with local fresh seafood.

Fresh Plum, Walnut and Wisconsin Gorgonzola Pizza

Quick and easy vegetarian pizza. Recipe courtesy of Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board.

Two Cheese Pizza

This recipe is low in carbs and calories.

Apple Pizza

A favorite entree is also a favorite dessert. You can use pre-made bread/pizza dough or make your favorite recipe in the bread mating using the dough setting.

Peach Pizza

Pizzas are baked atop whole wheat crust with vanilla custard.

Chicken Calzone

This mushroom and chicken calzone will be a favorite family dinner!

Whole Wheat Pizza

Homemade whole wheat pizza is a snap to make. 

Bread Machine Pizza

This recipes uses a bread machine to make the dough.

Tortilla Pizza

This pizza is big on taste, but low in calories!

Pizza with Pizzazz

Everyone loves pizza! Most ready-made pizza has 19 g of fat, 6 g saturated fat, and over 800 mg of sodium per slice. Here is an easy, make-at-home recipe that is much lower in fat and sodium.