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Pasta Main Dishes

Edamame Pasta with Cherry Tomato Sauce

This is a very versatile dish that is great for veggie lovers, meat lovers, and those who avoid gluten. 

Turkey Ragu with Pasta and Salad

A great way to utilize ground turkey in a simple, wholesome meal.

Low-Fat Pumpkin Alfredo with Pasta

Creamy- delicious, but less fat and cholestrol!

Haunted Zucchini Pasta

Ghostly surprises await children brave enough to eat their vegetables!!! (MUAAAAAAAHHH!) This zucchini pesto dish will have them howling at the moon.

Chicken Pasta with Mirliton, Colorful Squash and Pecorino

Mirliton (chayote) is a great local Louisiana squash that when seasoned with other veggies and proteins absorbs great flavor. Mirliton is chock full of potassium and low in cholestrol and fat. 

Creamy Fettucine with Arugula and Mushrooms

This light and low calorie cream sauce will rock your world. Add any other garden or fall veggies to the recipe to increase nutrition and flavor. 

Louisiana Shrimp with Dill-Herb Orzo

Bring the taste of local shrimp to a light pasta dinner within 30 minutes or less. 

Cold Noodles with Shrimp

A cool meal that is perfect for a hot day. 

Kid’s Curly Pasta Salad with Tomatoes and Corn

Make it a fun task to cook with your kids. Let them wash the veggies, help you stir the ingredients together, serve the meal. Children pick up good eating habits at home first, so the more you involve kids in the process, the healthier foods will be easy to introduce to them and fun to eat. 

Cucuzza, Tomato, and Pasta

Cucuzza is a large zuchini-like squash. If you find it (and you won’t miss it) it stands two-three feet tall and tastes wonderful sauteed with the ingredients of this recipe. Be sure to play this ditty Louis Prima wrote about his cucuzza bella. 

Lamb and Eggplant Sauce with Pasta

Lamb and egpplant marry well in sauces. The rich flavor of lamb and all the seasonings in this dish are absorbed by the eggplant. Enjoy with a fresh salad or a side of steamed veggies.

Mint Pesto with Peas and Pasta

This is a great dish for kids and a quick meal for anyone looking for homecooking just under 30 minutes. 

Scallops, Carrots, and Basil Pasta

A tasty simple dish that is quick to make without a heavy sauce or cream. 

Asian Peanut and Sesame Chicken Salad

This is a great pasta salad for picky eaters and young children. 

Veggie Yaka Mein

Here is a vegetarian friendly version of Yaka Mein. This dish is known for it’s wonderful blend of Southern and Chinese flavors. Try it without meat, or if you want to add a little protein try seitan, chunks of chicken, pork, or seafood.

Citrus Herb Risotto with Louisiana Shrimp

Shrimp has 1/3 less the calories than chicken and living in Louisiana, there is plenty of shrimp to prepare for healthy meals. 

Vegan Cauliflower Fettuccine Alfredo

So creamy, so decadent and yet so delicious you won't miss the animal fat. 

Turkey Pasta

You can make this easy pasta dish with any low-fat ground meat, seitan (vegetarian meat substitue made with whey protein) or with only vegetables. Recipe adapted from the Mushroom Council. 

Garden Noodle Soup

Recipe courtesy of National Pasta Association.

Quick Spaghetti with Meat Sauce

Recipe and photo courtesy of National Pork Board.

Asparagus and Artichoke Pasta Salad

This veggi-tastic pasta salad is low in calories and sure to fill you up when served with a leafy salad or with your favorite lean protein. Recipe courtesy of CanolaInfo.

Louisiana Crawfish Pasta

By tossing Louisiana crawfish into your pasta dish you are adding protein that is less calories than chicken. 

Tomato & Arugula Pasta

A leafy green salad and garlic bread is the perfect balance to this meal. This recipe is courtesy of California Tomato Commission.

Pesto Linquini

A low calorie pasta dish that works well as a meal by itself or with a salad.

Gnocchi with Vegetables and Edamame

A vegetarian friendly dish that will fill you up with delicious Fall vegetables! This recipe is made available through the Soyfoods Council. 

Cajun Shrimp and Pepper Pasta

This dish is creamy, flavorful, and fun to make! The shrimp makes a great lean protein source, and it’s tossed with a whole-grain pasta and veggies.

Beef Stroganoff

Here’s a diabetes-friendly version of classic beef stroganoff. Save yourself prep time with this recipe by buying presliced mushrooms. From Healthy Calendar Diabetic Cooking, 2nd Edition by Lara Rondinelli-Hamilton, RD, LDN, CDE, and Chef Jennifer Bucko Lamplough

Baked Shells

A delightful baked pasta dish that is easy to make but looks fancy when served.

Angel Hair Pasta with Fresh Roasted Marinara Sauce

Angel hair pasta cooks in 6 minutes and the vegetables roast unattended. This recipe gives you a 5 star meal in just 20 minutes.

Macaroni Bean Salad

A fun and tasty salad that uses 2 beans and a zesty dressing to go along with everyone's favorite shaped pasta.

Tomato Basil Spaghetti

Simple pasta dish easy to make and low in fat. 

Roasted Tomato Basil Spaghetti

This creative spin will bring your spaghetti to a whole new level.

Garden Tomato Spaghetti

This fresh pasta dish is sure to please a crowd.

Pasta Bean Soup

This bean soup is filling and hearty, yet takes only minutes to make!

Pasta Fresca

This pasta dish comes together in just 5 minutes (after you cook the spaghetti.)

Black Bean Pasta Toss

This quick and easy pasta is full of nutrients!

Pasta Cannelini

This pasta entree features a fresh-tasting tomato and white bean sauce. Serve it with fresh steamed vegetables or a tossed salad.

Autumn Pasta Salad

This warm pasta salad is a perfect meal for when fall nips the air. 

Macaroni Corn Salad

Make this delicious macaroni salad for lunch or dinner.

Rosemary Bean Pasta

When it comes to making quick, weeknight dinners, this creative pasta recipe is hard to beat. Garlic, olive oil, two kinds of tomatoes, beans, and herbs all come together to make this dish utterly unforgettable.