LiveWell Louisiana


Chocolate Cake for Breakfast

Yes, that's right. A healthy chocolate mini-cake that kids will love. 

Spinach Shakashuka

These are North African inspired poached eggs with spinach instead of the traditional tomato sauce. A great way to ingest your greens in the morning!

Tropical Oatmeal Bake

Sweet, satisfying, and low in calories and fat. 

Breakfast Cookies

Why not eat a cookie for breakfast? This moist, low-sugar and low-fat cookie recipe is easy to make.

Black Pepper Whole Wheat Buttermilk Biscuit Egg Sandwiches

From scratch biscuit sandwich great for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Full of whole wheat goodness.

Whole Wheat Buttermilk Waffles

In less than 20 minutes you can enjoy this whole-grain waffles and don't forget to add your favorite fruit or syrup!

Overnight Mason Jar Oatmeal

In the Louisiana hot months, most of us hate to cook. Here is a recipe that takes the heat out of hot cereal and makes it scrumptious and healthy. 

Gluten Free Almond Buckwheat Pancakes

Low in sugar and high in fiber and protein, these pancakes are light fluffy, buttermilk savory, and perfect for Sunday breakfast/brunch. Serve with your favorite fruit.

Dewberry Orange Blossom Water Smoothie

This dewberry (you can also use blackberries) smoothie is low in sugar and wonderful in flavor. Try it with any berry. 

Buckwheat tart with Swiss Chard, Fennel, and Bacon

You can easily make this dish gluten-free by replacing the flour with gluten-free mix flour. You can also omit the bacon, if you need to make the tart vegetarian. No matter how you fix up this tasty tart, it's as versatile as it is easy to make. 

Low-Fat King Cake Scones

These scones are made with a similar king cake texture but without a lot of dairy and butter. Feel free to make them vegan by omitting the Greek yogurt and buttermilk and replacing each with your favorite non-dairy yogurt and use a little lemon juice mixed with your favorite non-dairy milk to make vegan buttermilk. 

Goji Berry Oats and Quinoa

A warm and delicious bowl of oats with goji berries. 

Leblebi (Tunisian Chickpea Soup)

Leblebi is a Tunisian chickpea soup that is often served for breakfast but makes an amazing meal anytime of the day. Chickpeas are high in fiber, low in cholestrol, and filling. 

Persimmon Pomegranate Spice Oatmeal

Low in sugar and full of anitoxidants, a great way to introduce your family to seasonal fruit with breakfast. 

Turnip Fritatta

Turnips are high in vitamin C, potassium, and vitamin B6. Turnips work well with lean proteins like eggs, pork, and chicken. Try this recipe for brunch or dinner!

Passion Fruit Coconut Milk Smoothie

Put some passion in your smoothie with a little passion fruit! The seeds are full of antioxidants, high in vitamin A and vitamin C, and can help your body fight off free radicals.

Squash Fritter Cakes

Squash is high in Vitamin A and C, magnesium, fiber, folate, riboflavin, phosphorus, potassium and Vitamin B6. Low in calories and savory, great for brunch or as a side for dinner!

Fried Egg and Brussels Sprout Hash

Get a boost of veggies with this wonderful egg-tastic meal that hits the spot for breakfast, brunch or dinner. 

Naan French Toast

Who doesn't love pain perdu? French toast makes any breakfast fun, but try a lower calorie recipe that mixes Indian spices with traditional egg custard.

Raspberry Oat & Whole Wheat Buttermilk Pancakes

This recipe omits butter and uses lots of grains and fresh fruit for sweetness.

Peanut Butter Whole Wheat Bagel with Strawberries and Spinach

A quick easy snack or breakfast for kids and adults. Best for kids aged 5 and older. 

Mushroom Green Onion Frittata

This recipe is incredibly verasatile, use any mixture of mushrooms and if green onions aren't around use white onions or shallots. 

Zucchini Raisin Pecan Muffins

There's nothing like eating a homemade muffin, and it's even more pleasing for parents and loved ones to see their children and others bite into this nutritious and delectable zucchini treat. Have it for breakfast, brunch, or as a light snack. 

Southern Whole Wheat Biscuits

Fast and low-fat recipe. Whole-wheat flour is a great substitute for refined white flour.  You can add a little omega-3 to your biscuits by adding ground flax seed.

Very Berry Banana Oatmeal

Have a berry good morning with this delicious kids' breakfast! Recipe courtesy of Lousiana2step.

Strawberry Buckwheat Pancakes

Gluten free pancakes that are light, filling, and perfect for Sunday brunch. Buckwheat is known as a superfood for it's benefits in reducing hypertension and stabilizing blood sugar levels . Wow your friends and family with a different take on pancakes.  

Gluten Free Banana Meyer Lemon Pancakes

This recipe is gluten free. Meyer lemons are a local Louisiana citrus available in spring. These delicious pancakes will make any breakfast a special one!

Baked Avocado and Eggs

A heart healthy and easy way to enjoy eggs without frying or a messy clean up. 

Fun Shaped Eggs in a Basket

Make ordinary eggs and toast SUPER special by using cookie cutters to make shapes into toast. Kids will dig it and that special someone you want to impress for breakfast will dig it too!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie

A great way to get kids to eat a healthy snack or start the day off with a quick and healthy breakfast. 

Farmers Market Omelets

Breakfast, brunch, or dinner is the perfect time for a farm fresh market omelet. 

Mini Mushroom-&-Sausage Quiches

Recipe courtesy of Eating Well.

Noodle-Crusted Denver Quiche

Perfect for breakfast or a lite meal anytime of the day. Recipe courtesy of The incredible edible egg™.

Apple-Bran Pancakes

A great way to enjoy pancakes without the extra fat. Recipe courtesy of The incredible edible egg™

Dr. Seuss-Inspired Green Eggs and Ham

Have a little fun with your food and enjoy this family pleasing recipe. Recipe courtesy of the All-Natural Diabetes Cook Book

Mini Pita Pizzas

Get your kids involved with this fun breakfast pizza recipe. 

Asparagus Frittata

A meal that is perfect for breakfast, brunch or quick dinner packed full of protein and veggies.  Don't like asparagus? You can substitute zucchini or broccoli.

Ice Cream Sundae Smoothie

This smoothie is perfect for dessert ... or breakfast!

Apple Cinnamon Muffins

Not much is better than warm apple muffins in the morning!

Fruit Stew

This one pot dessert is simple to prepare and very versatile. Once cooked, it will last for up to seven days in the refrigerator. Serve on its own, over ice milk or frozen yogurt, slices of angel food cake or with graham crackers. It can also be used as a side dish with poultry, as a fruit sauce. In the morning, mix it into hot or cold cereal or serve over yogurt and granola.