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Nutrition Facts

Serving Size
Amount Per Serving
% Daily Value
Total Fat 18g56%
Cholesterol 96mg
Sodium 168mg
Total Carbohydrate 8g11%
 Dietary Fiber 2g3%
Protein 25g34%
Prep Time
Cook Time
Total Time

5 min.

15 min.

20 min.



Black Pepper Chops with Molasses Butter

Pork chops perfect for the grill and rich with molasses flavor. Recipe and photo courtesy of National Pork Board. For more recipes visit:


4 boneless center pork loin chops, 1-1/2 in. thick
1/4 c. butter
1 Tbsp. molasses
1/2 tsp. lemon juice
4 Tbsp. coarsely ground black pepper


1In small bowl blend butter, molasses and lemon juice with fork. Cover and refrigerate.
2Rub chops on both sides evenly with pepper. Grill chops over a medium-hot fire for 12-15 min., turning once, until thermometer reads 145°, followed by a 3-min. rest time. Top each chop with a tablespoon of molasses butter.

Cook's Tips:

You can substitute the butter with your favorite margarine or oil spread.

Random Cooking Tip: For marinated pork chops, put pork in a self-sealing bag with marinade in the refrigerator first thing in the morning. By suppertime, pork chops can be removed from marinade (dispose of used marinade) and ready to grill.