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How can I remember to take my medication while traveling for the holidays?

Lisa DiMaggio Beacher
Lisa DiMaggio Beacher
Pharm.D., Winn Dixie Pharmacy, Mid City

Now that the holiday season is here and many people will be traveling, it is important to remember to take your medications as usual. The best way to remember is to plan ahead. One week prior to your departure, check your medications to see if you will have enough to last until you return home. If not, call your pharmacy for an early refill. Most insurance companies will allow for a vacation override to fill your medications early. If not, you can call your physician and ask them to give you new prescriptions so that you can bring them with you to have them filled at an out-of-town pharmacy. Last, if you run out of medication while out of town, you can go to a local pharmacy and have them call your regular pharmacy for prescription transfers, or they can call your doctor for refills. Always bring your original prescription bottles so they can see what you ahve taking if they need to loan you some pills until they hear back from your doctor. 

While the holidays are a much-anticipated distraction, they can disrupt daily routines, making it difficult to remember to take medications. Below are some useful tips to help you remember.

  • Pack your medications with items you use on a daily basis, such as your toothebrush. 
  • Set a daily alarm on your cell phone, an alarm clock or a digital watch
  • Have another person remind you to take your medications.
  • Keep medications on a nightstand so you will see them when you wake up and go to sleep.

Remember, planning and keeping your daily routine is key. Happy Holidays!