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I’m trying to eat healthier- what quick breakfast meals do you recommend I start the day with?

Julie Fortenberry
Julie Fortenberry
Registered Dietitian

Try one of these quick breakfasts:

  • One egg scrambled with your favorite vegetable, one slice wheat toast, one piece fresh fruit, one cup low-fat milk or water
  • One cup unsweetened yogurt or cottage cheese mixed with your favorite fruit, cinnamon and one or two tablespoons of your favorite nuts
  • One serving (read the label on the box) low-sugar, high-fiber cereal mixed with a half cup of low-fat milk and your favorite fruit
  • One serving of unsweetened, plain oatmeal with a few berries — plus a sprinkle of your favorite nuts or a tablespoon of nut butter
  • Wheat toast with one tablespoon peanut butter and a sliced banana