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Temperatures Rising

A new smart thermometer tracks illness so you can better care for your family.
November 5th, 2015 by: Misty Miloto

Kinsa, the first FDA-cleared smartphone-connected thermometer and health tracking app, aims to transform how people care for themselves and their families by providing a real-time map of human health. The thermometer connects to a mobile device via the headphone jack and is designed to make temperature-taking more engaging and informative.

Kinsa uses the smartphone’s display screen to determine a precise temperature reading in less than 10 seconds. It also provides fun, animated visuals throughout a temperature reading to calm, distract and engage children during the process. A special feature alerts parents if the thermometer slips out of place.

Users create individual profiles in the Kinsa app for each family member, and then they can track fever, symptoms and illness history. Parents can use this information to report the progression of illnesses to pediatricians, keep track of medication dosages and timing, and even photograph any physical symptoms as part of an entry. Soon, the Kinsa app will also help signal an outbreak of sickness in a user’s area. “I love that Kinsa also provides users with guidance on what to do next, based on symptoms,” says LiveWell LA founder, Maria Muro. “This is a super handy device, especially during cold and flu season.” The Kinsa Smart Thermometer retails for $30 and is available at Apple and CVS Pharmacy stores.