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Simple Swab

Groundbreaking genetics testing improves fitness, health and safety.
October 12th, 2015 by: Misty Miloto

Dallas-based Simplified Genetics is a health and lifestyle company that has launched two genetics tests to help facilitate a higher quality life for clients. The first of these tests is called SimplyFit, which pinpoints exactly what exercises, foods and supplements are best for an individual based on his or her genetic makeup. The second of these tests is called SimplySafe, which uses genetic analysis to evaluate the risk of concussion and the risk of cognitive or psychological disorders after encountering head injuries in contact sports. The New Orleans Saints recently introduced SimplySafe at their Sports Hall of Fame event in Louisiana.

“We use a non-invasive cheek swab that customers can order online,” says Kurt Johnsen, who co-founded Simplified Genetics with his wife Gina. “It takes about one minute to collect your DNA sample and a quick drive to your closest FedEx location to ship to our wet lab. The results take about two to three weeks to process, and then you receive your customized results.” These test results are analyzed in Simplified Genetics’ wet lab, which is located in the Louisiana Emerging Technology Center, operated under the umbrella of the Louisiana State University System Research and Technology Foundation.

“Over 50 percent of our country is obese, and it is becoming an epidemic that can be prevented,” Kurt says. “We can provide people with the answers about how their body works. My goal in life is to do something meaningful for others, and with SimplyFit we can help people and ultimately prevent some of the diseases caused by or related to obesity. Being a dad, SimplySafe hits home a little more. We want to help keep high-risk kids away from high-risk activities.”

Every recommendation within the customized results is reasonable and easy to implement. “For example, my results are 70 percent steady aerobic exercise and 30 percent high-intensity exercise; whereas my wife is 90 percent high-intensity exercise and 10 percent steady aerobic exercise,” Kurt says. “Diets are mostly based on your glucose (carb) and fat sensitivities, but they are all balanced diets to supply the body with enough carbs, fats and proteins to keep you energized and running healthy. Some supplements are very useful for some people, while others can spare the expense. We make recommendations based on your genotype.” $499 for SimplyFit, $249 for SimplySafe,