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Phyllis  Landrieu

Phyllis Landrieu

M.Ed., President & CEO, Childhood & Family Learning Foundation

Phyllis Landrieu could have retired years ago. Along with honors like being the first female Democratic Chair of Louisiana—not to mention raising ten kids—she’s been a longtime linchpin of the Orleans Parish School Board. Now 79, Landrieu continues to crusade for the cause nearest her heart: taking care of New Orleans children.

The Childhood Family and Learning Foundation was born out of Landrieu’s desire to do something about the endemic poverty and subsequent poor health keeping New Orleans kids from success in school. After starting the organization in 2006, Landrieu tapped Dr. Pat Cooper to run it. When Connie Bellone, the foundation’s Director of Health, developed the concept of “Coordinated Care for the Whole Child,” this program became the foundation’s driving force.