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Mushroom Green Onion Frittata

This recipe is incredibly verasatile, use any mixture of mushrooms and if green onions aren't around use white onions or shallots. 

Zucchini Quinoa Casserole with Fresh Herbs

This recipe is a gluten free dish that is reminiscent of the Sephardic-style vegetable casseroles and that are usually cooked with Matzo meal during Passover. 

Mac and Cheese

Cheesy and home cooked with a few calories shaved off. 

Sweet Potato Fusilli Casserole

You can leave out the meat or choose another lean protein like chicken or shrimp to bake with this casserole. Recipe adapted from the North Carolina Sweet Potato Commission

Seafood Rice Casserole

A great casserole low in fat. Recipe courtesy of Taste of Home

Mediterranean Spinach Bake

This vegetarian spinach dish is filling and a snap to make. Leftovers make a great lunch for brown bagging it to work or school. 

Chicken Pot Pie

Nothing beats a good old-fashioned chicken pot pie that’s almost effortless to make. Toss in your favorite veggies and use rotisserie or leftover chicken to save time. This recipe and others can be found at Trim & Terrific Diabetic Cooking by Holly Clegg.

Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie

This 30-minute meal packs in lean protein from the turkey, lots of vegetables, and healthy carbs from the sweet potatoes.