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Raising the Barre

A new fitness studio in Lakeview focuses on building strength from the inside out.
February 29th, 2016 by: Misty Miloto

The Barrre Code, a fitness franchise that started in Chicago, recently expanded to the New Orleans area with a new studio in Lakeview. Local owners Kelley Ellis and Marissa Brown celebrated its grand opening Feb. 13 with complimentary classes, fresh treats from local brands (such as NOLA Beans) and pop-up shops from Lucy Rose, About Face and Athleta. The space includes a studio that can accommodate 22 clients per class, a retail area and two changing rooms (that come complete with a fully stocked vanity area). The simple and clean interior design elements provide an atmosphere of inspiration and motivation.

“Offering a combination of intense barre workouts, cardio classes and stretch makes The Barre Code a one-stop shop for women’s fitness needs,” Ellis says. “The philosophy of The Barre Code 
is different from other studios in that it promotes a lifestyle of positivity and change from the inside out. Living by The Barre Code means finding strength in the struggle, and finding and promoting the best in those around you.”

workout of isometric holds, heavy repetition and deep stretching; to Brawl, a combination of kickboxing and strengthening moves. Other class options include the HIIT class, featuring plyometrics, speed work and agility training; and TBC — a bootcamp-style class that includes full-range-of-motion strength training.

“I was introduced to The Barre Code by a good friend from college who instructed for them in Chicago,” Brown says. “I went to visit her a few summers ago and was drawn to the variety of classes, tough workouts, positive instructors and community feel of the studio. Kelley and I … have The Barre Code NOLA offers an ever-evolving class curriculum so that participants will never reach a plateau. Core classes include the original Barre Code, a 50-minute, total-body been very excited to share what ‘Living by The Barre Code’ means with New Orleans ever since.”

By combining cardiovascular conditioning, strength training and restoration (a new yoga-type of stretch class will be offered soon), women can expect to be challenged to take what they learn in class and apply it to their daily lives. “For example, if there is strength in the struggle during a workout and you can get through that struggle, you can apply that to daily life outside of the studio. The Barre Code emphasizes a sense of community, of women supporting other women, of positivity and strength.” 787 Harrison Ave., (504) 900-1770,