LiveWell Louisiana

Landing Zone Nola

A co-working space aims to create a nurturing environment for returning veterans and civilian entrepreneurs.
February 11th, 2016 by: Misty Miloto

Local entrepreneur and veteran Robert Armbruster and his wife Nicole first opened Landing Zone NOLA about one year ago. New Orleans Living publisher and LiveWell Louisiana founder,Maria Muro loves the approximately 30,000-square-foot space at 625 Celeste St. because it is a business incubator and co-working space that is geared toward helping transitioning veterans as well as civilian entrepreneurs. “I wanted to create a place that vets can be around other vets and civilians, and help each other do great things,” Robert says. “Along with the non-profit veteran business accelerator program called VetLaunch, we also offer classes during the week through alliances with the Small Business Association, Louisiana Economic Development, SCORE New Orleans, and the Louisiana Small Business Development Center.”

The first and second floors of the building includes 19 offices, 8 private desks, three conference rooms, co-working lounges and workspace, and a large event kitchen and lounge. The space also includes a gym, Cypress Fitness, which tenants have access to. The third floor, which is slated to open late spring this year, will offer nearly 10,000 square feet of event and potential office space. “One of the main things veterans miss when they leave the military is the camaraderie of being around other veterans,” Robert says. “Co-working also provides an affordable avenue for office space for entrepreneurs, which helps start-ups save money as they grow.”