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Cool Coffee Spots

These local coffee shops offer some of the best specialty javas served cold.
September 1st, 2016 by: Tara Rozenkranz

If you love coffee and you love New Orleans, then you are familiar with the never-ending decision on how to enjoy your daily fix. The go-to selections are typically iced coffee, cold brew and the mom special (let hot coffee get cold and drink it anyway). Here’s a guide to the most refreshing, invigorating, caffeinated beverages in the city — including cold brew, coffee cocktails and even dessert-worthy coffee options.


610 Carondelet St., (504) 900-1180,

  1. Cold Shot: a cold-brewed hair-bender concentrate infused with nitrogen, yielding a cold, creamy shot of espresso
  2. Duane Sorenson: a cold-brew Arnold Palmer named after Stumptown’s founder — and my personal favorite
  3. Endless Summer: a lightly carbonated, Mint Julep-inspired beverage that caffeinates with a clean, cool feel
  4. Cold Brew: a traditional New Orleans-style cold brew
  5. Nitro: an original cold brew, infused with nitrogen — the rich foamy head cascades through the glass, leaving a wonderful Stumptown Nitro impression of the richness of the drink and its gorgeous presentation
  6. Small Batch, Single Origin: served over ice — simple, yet sophisticated


2209 Magazine St., (504) 570-6945,

  1. Nitro: a smooth, chocolaty,creamy drink — served on draught
  2. Cold Brew: a New Orleans favorite, brewed with 1000 Faces Coffee beans produces a crisp, refreshing beverage
  3. Vietnamese Iced Coffee: served on tap, a sweet, non-coffee lover’s coffee drink that tastes like dessert


1829 Sophie Wright Place, (504) 324-8818,

  1. Oji: brewed with a slow cold-drip process, one drop at a time, delivering Japanese-style deliciousness — producing a clean, traditional coffee flavor in which the toasty flavors improve as the ice melts
  2. Japanese Iced: traditional pour-over, brewed over ice yields bright citrus flavors with the choice Yirgacheffe — customizable and perfect for fans of the pour-over process
  3. Smoothie: think chocolate banana that you get at the zoo, but non-dairy and not too heavy, made with almond milk and Counter Culture Coffee beans


1500 Magazine St., (504) 525-2244,

  1. Costa Rican: 20-hour cold brew, iced — a new take on cold brew with a distinct flavor that’s perfect for the sophisticated coffee drinker
  2. Espresso Cocktails: a perfect drink that’s made with espresso, mint julep, main squeeze syrup. The product is a clean, light, citrusy cocktail with a caffeinated flair.
  3. Espresso Tonic: We’ve had other Espresso Tonic but this one is set apart by the strong citrus flavor. If you like lemonade, this may be your drink of choice.


4332 Magazine St., (504) 891-8682,

  1. Nitro Cold Shot: a cold shot blended with nitrogen, producing a creamy, chocolaty experience
  2. Cold Brew: a crisp, refreshing cold brew to enjoy in an environment steeped in the smells of coffee beans


1200 Magazine St., (504) 298-1115,

  1. New Orleans Iced: a dark roast with chicory (to add complexity, not bitterness), shaken with milk and sugar, and poured over the city’s best crushed iced — available with coconut almond milk for a nondairy version
  2. Oji Drip Iced Coffee: a humble cold brew with a flashy story — this incredible coffee brews drip-by-drip though a brewer that stands approximately 3 feet tall with multiple chambers, reminiscent of a science experiment


2339 Royal St., (504) 267-7327,

  1. Vietnamese Iced Coffee: simple and delicious — your good ol’ Cafe Du Monde ground coffee with chicory, brewed in a traditional Vietnamese method, sweetened with condensed milk and stirred in ice
  2. Espresso Milkshake: vanilla ice cream, a shot of espresso and milk perfectly blended to create a rich, creamy drink, enhanced only by the ground coffee sprinkled on top
  3. Affogato (Italian for “Drowned”): an indulgent scoop of ice cream presented in a chocolate, white chocolate or caramel-lined bowl, covered with a shot of espresso and lightly garnished with coffee grounds

Whether you sip, dip or devour, you’re sure to find a coffee-based drink that will suit your fancy at one of these top-notch local establishments. And who knows? You’ll probably see me there!