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Best Foot Forward

A new innovative foot and ankle clinic debuts on the Northshore.
March 1st, 2017 by: Misty Milioto

According to the Illinois Podiatric Medical Association, 75 percent of Americans will experience foot health problems of varying degrees of severity at one time or another in their lives. For those with diabetes and arterial disease, infection and amputation are real risks that need to be addressed. Sadly enough, Louisiana has the fifth highest percentage rate of those in the population who suffer with diabetes. The new Restoration Foot Specialists podiatry clinic, which recently opened in Hammond, specializes in foot and ankle treatments arising from complicated chronic diseases affecting the feet (such as diabetes and vascular conditions) to everyday issues (such as bunions and callouses). As such, the clinic aims to reduce the growing risk of toe and foot amputations.

“It is not normal for your feet to hurt,” says Maria Muro, publisher of New Orleans Living and founder of LiveWell Louisiana. “At the new Restoration Foot Specialists clinic, Dr. René Hymel — a Yale School of Medicine trained foot and ankle surgeon — offers the most up-to-date surgical techniques to improve patient outcomes and avoid amputation.” 42107 Veterans Ave., Hammond