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AHA! Moment

Experience health from the inside out at Affordable Healing Arts.
August 19th, 2015 by: Misty Miloto

For everything mind and body related, look no further than Affordable Healing Arts. Located inside the New Orleans Healing Center, AHA! aims to “maintain and nurture a beautiful, safe, comfortable, affordable, supportive environment in which to offer a wide variety of healing arts to people of all walks of life.” Here, you’ll find everything from art therapy, hypnotherapy and massage therapy to functional medicine, mental health therapy and Zen Shiatsu. Each of the practitioners are independent small-business owners, and each sets his or her own rate for services.

However, they are able to offer reduced prices because they benefit from reduced rental rates for their space at AHA!. 2372 St. Claude Ave., Ste. 220, (985) 467-0900,